Since 1999, POLISHOP has been recognized in Brazil as being synonymous with exclusive, innovative, and quality products. POLISHOP is by far, the biggest multichannel company in the world, airing more than 120 hours of TV a day, publishing 18 million catalogs per year, operating their chain of 130 stores, broadcasting its own Home Shopping channel, as well as sales via door to door, multi-level marketing, and one of the most successful electronic commerce places in the country.

Featuring a unique combination of exclusive products, winning offers, and proven TV shows, POLIDIRECT brings POLISHOP’s biggest Brazilian successes to the global market, offering a great business opportunity with excellent potential in retail and wholesale. POLIDIRECT will start by offering POLISHOP’s five all-time most successful products. Each has already sold more than a million units in Brazil via POLISHOP’s vast and influential multichannel marketing network. POLIDIRECT will leverage this experience in product selection and efficient communication of sales to ensure their continued success worldwide.

At the end of 2010, POLISHOP proudly announced the launch of its new global multi-channel marketing branch:


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